Creation Myth

The Six existed in the Void. The Six, made of pure soul, experimented in space and time.

One moment, Ceraton mused, and envisioned a grand sphere—a masterwork of weaving matter. Inside would be a bright, burning orb of fire that would sustain and project light on his other works.

Cer’chae, his consort, witnessed the emergent orb, and asked Ceraton for a place to put her feet, and wander through his creation. He obeyed, and a huge host of floating stones sprouted. The stones were all spheres of different sizes, but all of smooth, grey, perfect stone.

Cer’chae danced across the stones, her hair flowing in the new “air”. As she danced, the touch of her feet brought love and color to the stones—green moss, grasses, and trees and blue water, flowing ever from deep within the stone and back inside. Some of the seamless stones began to morph and shift. They grew and shrank, became pocked, hilly, and colored with reds and greys alike.

Ceraton laughed as his perfection was balanced by her joy and chaos, and became something new.

Enessa saw the dancing and decided that it was not appropriate to have dancing without music. She reached for her flute, and began to play a tune that could only be described as pure joy. Ceradon chose to join his beloved in her dancing, and where he stepped, the stones enlarged and sprouted square columns of stone. Enessa laughed, and continued her whistling melody.

The two finished their dance, and felt amorous. They vanished from view and Enessa changed her melody to one of a slow, rhythmic, passionate tune. Thus were the children of the maels conceived.

Risand gazed into a mirror, deep in space. Waves and numbers appeared before her rheumy eyes. She whispered, “This can end only in darkness.”

... The Envious

Creation Myth

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