Free City of Elspire
Capital, Elspire
Government: Representative Democracy
Population: 30,000. 50% Human, 10% Dwarf, 25% Elf (50% drow), 15% Gnome

Elspire is not the largest of the maels by surface area, but it is the most populous mael in all of Mael’Ram. It is a bustling city of towering buildings, linked together by the sturdiest of bridges and rigging.

It’s population is overwhelmingly occupied with labor and service jobs. The gnomish population is almost exclusively occupied in R&D, both in ships and weapons. Elspire’s rotation is erratic and part of its surface is perpetually dark. The Drow population resides here.

Elspire is covered in 37 large spires, and a host of smaller spires. Each is between 8 and 37 levels, the tallest being Letspire, which houses the seat of Government, the Sartori, at the top. A combination of Dwarven stonework and Gnomish magic technology lets the Elspirians actually extrude new levels from the bottom of each spire.

Each is detailed in The Spires of Elspire.

Each spire has a lift system, which the Gnomes have named the “Frooj”. The Gnomes tend to giggle whenever the word is said, but they will not explain why they find it humorous.


The Elspirian Fleet is the only source of trusted ships inside of Mael’Ram. The Fleet never refuses to attempt to provide assistance in the event of a ship breakdown or distress call.


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