Humans of Mael'Ram

Humans are humans. Boring? Maybe.

Mael’Ram has limited ethnicities due to its unique placement of humans amongst a constant sun—that people have not had to adapt to harsh, African conditions.

Legend states that Humans are the children of Ceraton and Cer’chae, but some can also be found worshipping Ilurrion or in the Cult of Thragha. Humans hardly ever revere Risand or Enessa.

“Earth” cultures existing within Mael’Ram are:
  • Elspire – American influenced “melting pot” of all the below cultures
  • Yafutoma – Asian culture and physical features.
  • Tirraen – Imagine if Russian Czars had also been Pirates of the Caribbean. Largely worships Ilurrion.
  • Frijani – “Indian” culture.
  • Apalynr – Vaguely Grecian
  • Portyn – Finnoscandian

Humans otherwise operate exactly as in base Pathfinder rules.

Humans of Mael'Ram

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