Spelljamming - Overview

Mael’Ram is filled with craft, flitting from mael to mael, trading goods, and engaged in piracy and warfare. Without these spacefaring craft, there are few maels with all of the resources necessary to support civilizations of size.

As Pathfinder is derivative of Dungeons & Dragons, we can utilize a Spelljammer rules conversion for 3E fairly transparently.

Content within is adapted from http://www.romsys.demon.co.uk/frpg/spelljam/
Pages therein say Permission granted to use for non-profit making purposes.

Spelljamming – Skills and Feats
Spelljamming – Ship Hulls
Spelljamming – Ship Helms
Spelljamming – Ship Combat
Spelljamming – Ship Weapons

Spelljamming - Overview

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