Seat, Tirraenian Empire
Government: Imperium
Population: 8,000. 32% Human, 30% Dwarf, 25% Elf, 13% Gnome

Discovered by human Tyrien the Black in 393 AD. Tyrien was a pirate, with a small fleet of ships. He had rejected the Builder in favor of the Warrior. He and his crew came across a large, abandoned mael. An elaborate palace was carved into the stone itself. He immediately drove his standard deep into the stone, and declared it Tirraen, and proclaimed loudly that it would be his and his kins’ until the end of light itself. Unlike many of the other maels, Tirraen was devoid of life in any way, shape or form, and poor in valuable minerals.

Tyrien knew that his empire would need resources to survive—and the only way to get them would be through piracy and conquest. Tirraen has yet to diverge from that path. The people of Tirraen only follow the will of the empire through fear. Those brave enough to even consider the idea realize they are very disorganized, and that to rebel would entail heavy losses.

Tirraen has fewer ships than Elspire, and is far less talented in naval tactics. However, what they lack in number, they try to make up for with firepower. Tirraenian ships are heavy, slow, and have more powerful weapons than any other ship in the sky. Encounters with the Tirraenian Armada resolves with a hefty tariff, at best, the seizure of your ship and cargo, usually, and the death of you and your crew, at worst.

Tirraen only is not outwardly aggressive towards the Elspirian Fleet, as Elspirian ships run circles around Tirraenian vessels, and usually travel together in greater numbers.


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