Kingdom of Yafutoma
Capital, Kawashita
Government: Monarchy
Population: 10,000. 87% Human, 9% Elf, 4% Gnome

Yafutoma means “Orb of Honor”. Yafutomans believe they came to Mael’Ram from the heavens outside, and came to neither dominate nor liberate, but rather to strive for perfect harmony. This is represented in living with each other, and in secular meditation temples called hanshin.

Yafutoma is a monarchy – but the Daimyo is paid a modicum of tribute because of the ideal of harmony that he represents and the service he brings. The Daimyo arbitrates conflicts—perhaps too fairly – and guides the largest hanshin where over 700 Yafutomans meditate daily.

The current Daimyo of Yafutoma is named Takei Haruzaki, who is 42. He has a daughter, Takei Miyumi, aged 19 turns. His wife died in complications from childbirth.

Yafutomans are notable for their jet black hair, brown, almond eyes, and pale complexions. Yafutoma is quite racist, almost to the point of xenophobia. Yafutomans do not marry outsiders from the Yafutoman nation, and generally avoid socialization as well. They are polite, but curt. The Elves and Gnomes are not native—and live in Yafutoma only to do business and to design and manufacture technology by specific invitation from the royal family.

The Yafutomans do not worship any of the gods of Mael’Ram. However, they do venerate an ancient Yafutoman princess whose tears formed the Reetan Expanse. They call her “Kinue”, but outsiders and travelers regularly recognize her as the goddess Enessa.

Yafutoma is specifically and intentionally neutral amongst nations of Mael’Ram. In addition, they levy no tariff on ships traveling through their space. Because of this, Yafutoma’s capital city of Kawashita houses the only markets in which one can find goods from both Elspirian and Tirraenian Maels.


The Yafutoman fleet is largely comprised of merchant vessels. However, a few armored frigates do patrol the outer border, and small, speedy “police” craft comb the inner space and attempt to quell conflict through mediation.

Yafutoma is officially neutral, but will tend to answer a distress call from a Human. Elves and gnomes are not permitted to serve in the Yafutoman navy.


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