The Setting

Mael’Ram—a crystal sphere of massive size. Inside, hundreds of planets and planetoids, floating within a breathable atmosphere. Physics has suggestions, not laws. Myth says six gods rule the heavens and created life as we know it.

The Free City of Elspire—center of commerce and democracy within Mael’ram. Truth and freedom abound in this city of opportunity. Tens of towers of varying height and angle, all grown out of the stone mael beneath it, and bound together with bridges and rigging.

It is one of the safest places in Mael’Ram, and thus refugees often flee to it, to make a new life.

However, for those who seek adventure, it can also be found, in abundance.

Creation Myth
Notable Maels

The Game

A new combination of Pathfinder with Spelljammer elements. Campaign starting soon. Likely time will be Saturday evenings at my home in Madison.

Character Creation Guidelines
Dieties and Foci

Spelljamming – Overview
Spelljamming – Skills and Feats
Spelljamming – Ship Combat
Spelljamming – Ship Helms
Spelljamming – Ship Weapons
Spelljamming – Ship Movement

LOTS more information can be found in the Wiki.


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