The Envious

Thragha and Ilurrion saw the creation of Ceraton, and judged.

Ilurrion knew that the creation was imperfect, and needed conflict to evolve.

Thragha, on the other hand, was never one for building things. He felt that the penultimate state was pure void, and that it was his responsibility to tear it down, bit by bit.

The two agreed that their goals were not inherently in competition, and that together they would be more likely to succeed.

Neither could intervene directly in Mael’Ram, for Ceraton’s attention would be drawn, and he would smite them without another thought. However, if they were subtle in their approach, and levered subterfuge—their goals would be reached. Being immortal, how soon this occurred was irrelevant.

Ilurrion formed a seed of rage, and snuck it into the hearts of some of the men and women Ceraton had created.

Thragha placed some monstrous forges within the stones Ceraton had created, just beyond the Builder’s sight.

From these forges, the voidspawn were born, and began to bring chaos to Mael’Ram. The sentient’s response to the voidspawn brought conflict. Through both, Ilurrion and Thragha grew in strength and worshippers.

The Envious

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